2017 GFIL Tour setlists

I totally forgot to post about this…but back when I was working on the Tours section of the site, adding all the past shows, setlists, pics & videos, etc., I was blown away by the Go Farther In Lightness tour in August/September 2017 across Australia:


Check out the setlists of those shows – 17-18 songs every night, and one of them was 19 songs. And not just quantity, but quality, too. The setlists are really fantastic, with most of the new album and still dipping back to The Positions’ tracks like Sjamboksa, Radioface and the staples like Magnolia and Vital Signs.

I was typing in these setlists and thinking, Damn, THOSE would’ve been the shows to see. I know last year’s Say Yes To Life tour had great setlists, too, and were usually about 16 songs IIRC … but for some reason, these GFIL shows just really grabbed my attention.

@Brn164 you were there?? :slight_smile: Who else? @SolopsismBaby? @RobC? @Robono?


September 8, 2017 at the Enmore Theatre (correction - Hordern Pavillion) - the first time I saw Gang of Youths live, a truly life affirming experience.

The defining moment for me was Dave’s solo performance of Knuckles White Dry. I wept and had to be consoled by my friend, such was the emotional effect it had. Two songs later, Magnolia happens and I was invigorated.

That same show David Andrew, the basis for Persevere, was in the crowd and played piano with the band for that track.

Such was the impact that show had on me, it actually diminished my experience of seeing them again last November, not because it was a bad show - far from it - but because it didn’t/couldn’t recapture the high of that first time.

I hope everyone gets to experience Gang of Youths the way I did when I saw them during the Go Farther In Lightness tour. It’s cliche to say music can affect people, but in that moment I can say definitively that I achieved catharsis because of those songs.

@RobC, I think you’re confused. That gig was the Hordern, not the Enmore! It was unbelievable- the band’s big home town show, and you could sense something special was going to happen that night. David Andrew’s wife was right next to us, and she thought he was in the US and arriving the next day. The band surprised her with David coming out on stage for Persevere and all of a sudden practically the whole venue was crying. A truly memorable 2 hour gig.

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You’re right, I got my venues mixed up! Thanks for the catch.