2019 and beyond

So is it pretty much considered a given that GOY is gonna take a break after those shows early next year? Any of you in Australia hearing anything on radio or in the news?

Haven’t heard anything recently but I’d say they’re in the processing of writing the next album. I’m holding out for new music at the Sydney show in a fortnight, but I’d guess we won’t hear anything new until mid-2019.

And word just got out that they’re doing a festival in Barcelona next July: https://www.deepestsighs.com/gang-of-youths-to-perform-at-cruilla-barcelona-in-2019/


Alright what’s the site’s budget for travel @matt? :wink:


Sweet!!! :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize our dues $$ was subsidizing your travel! I want my money back. :wink: