3 songs ... which direction?

GOY has released three new songs so far this year: Angel of 8th, Unison, and The Man Himself.

If you put them on a spectrum, Angel would be on the traditional rock/GOY side. I think Unison would be on the opposite side with more of the Pacific music sound DL has talked about. And I’d put The Man Himself somewhere in the middle – not as rock/traditional as Angel, not as Pacific as Unison.

SO … of the three, which one do you hope is what the new album sounds like the most?

Easy for me Matt I think Angel is perhaps my favorite GOY song of all


I wouldn’t die on a hill for any of these songs in terms of how strongly I prefer one over the others. I like all of them (a lot) so far, but for the sake of participation… I’ll go with ‘The Man Himself.’ The opening strings recall the opening of the MTV Unplugged, so maybe that’s part sentimentality. That was an incredible performance. I agree regarding ‘Angel’ being more like their previous material. I’m optimistic to see where they go with the new album.

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Unison has grown on me but I would have to say that I hope that the album is a mix of angel and himself. I love the direction the band seems to be going. Although some of the new material has some different colors to what is usual for them, you can still tell that its GOY.