9:30 Club Review

The band took the stage at 9pm and proceeded to own the club for the next 90 minutes. A small crowd and a curtained off back third of the club made the stage closer to all of us, the band right in the thick of it. Dave L quickly established himself front and center and opened with Fear and Trembling. His powerful voice and energy jolted the crowd alive on a cold Monday night.

Donnie kept the beat perfectly all night. His long hair and gangly arms reminding me of a young Dave Grohl or Animal from the Muppets. He was mesmerizing. Occasionally he would disappear entirely behind the drum kit, I suppose to recharge and recover his spent energy for the next song. if the Heart is a Muscle, then Donnie is the heart beat. That song was dedicated to Dave’s late father.

Dave prowled the stage and enticed us to sing along, answer his calls, and dance. Let Me Down Easy was started and stopped twice while we were admonished and cajoled to shake our asses. Dave even threw himself into the crowd to literally join the fans celebrating the life and joy we were experiencing.

Other highlights for me were Don’t Let Your Spirit Wane and Magnolia, both beautifully sonic. Say Yes To Life ended the night. A snippet of Bohemian Rhapsody was the only non-GOY song in the show.

I left the club with my ears ringing and my spirit energized. I can’t wait for their return!


This is so great to read, thanks for sharing it @TimMc. You’re not the first person to draw a comparison between Donnie and Animal from the Muppets. :joy:

What did you think of Gretta Ray?

She was good. It’s got to be tough to stand up there alone and sing to a crowd that is filtering in and mingling at the bar.

One other thing I’d say about Le’aupepe. He has the presence and charisma of a classic rock and roll front man. The way he prowls on stage, engages the audience, bares his stories, and leads the band. I know I am biased, but he reminded me at different times of Bono and Grohl, and Springsteen and even a little Chuck Berry dancing with that Gretsch guitar.

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Thanks TimMc! Interesting that they didn’t do the opening cover in NYC like they’ve been doing lately. Maybe they didn’t want to waste a moment on someone else’s material in case anyone was in the audience that needed to hear GOY properly.

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