A concert review and experience - Charlotte 4/28

Having been a fan of this band since 2017, I have been waiting for the time when they would come to the
east coast so I could see these guys perform the songs we have come to know and love.

Well, around 5 years and a pandemic later they are back and here in Charlotte! I couldn’t believe my luck.

I was lucky enough to have my good friend Greg and my neighbors down the street from me, Ryan and Hayley come with me to the show. I had introduced GOY to them all and they were as excited as me to see them live.

I have been watching the setlists like a hawk since the tour started so I could get to know any songs that I don’t listen to as much or make playlists, etc. I had been watching obsessively the tonight show, amazon, and cbs performances as the date got closer. To my dismay I had seen my favorite song off the new album, Spirt Boy, be dropped from the previous four shows. I was in denial on the inside and I just wrote it off as the band just having fun and shifting things around to keep from being bored.

Well, the show the day before in North Carolina at the Cats Cradle in Carrborro, (for those who aren’t familiar its the town right next door to Chapel Hill, the home of the University of North Carolina) Spirit Boy was not present. Yes, I was worried and panicked. And for full disclosure, I have issues.

I tried to reach out to the band through discord and other social media platforms to subtlety make my case to the band to play the song.

Be prepared@gangofyouths
a staff member of@DeepestSighs
will be singing along with you in Charlotte tomorrow! #spiritboy

My good friends saw right through my pathetic attempts. Was I ashamed? Yes. Did I really care? Slightly, but no. Ha Ha. Thanks to my friend Greg who retweeted my requests and back me up like any GOY friend should.

So, I went down to the Underground around 5pm to check out the line and I saw there was only one person in line, I found out later he had come up from Florence, South Carolina which is a few hours away, so I figured to go get another beer and the pub right down the street. As Greg and I are walking there we ran into Louie and we had a small chat. He really down played his role and just called himself a hired gun who was lucky to be along for the ride. I just told him I didn’t think so and I liked it when he strummed the guitar for Angel of 8th. Louie seemed surprised that I knew that and had a sheepish grin on his face. He went on to tell me that the band went on to have some dinner and he wanted some chill time before the show. As we parted, he told me the band was having a great time on tour and having a lot of fun.

Jumping a little ahead, I went into the line a little after six and I was 5th in line. Here is the position I got for the show.

I then received a text from our fearless leader.

JFC could you not get any closer? Why not just sit up on the stage? :rofl:

The opener was a nice opening act (Casual Male) but it was time for the show and the long wait was over. I then saw this show up.

I was a little disappointed but honestly, who cares, look where I was and I knew I was going to have an awesome experience with songs that had become a part of my DNA.

Our fearless leader then texted me

RIP Spirit Boy

HOWEVER. about 5 minutes before show time this happened.

In my joy I discorded this to my GOY community

## Swan269 04/28/2022

New setlist. Spirit boy MFers

Uh, I know right? People around me were hugging me and thanking me, like I had either rescued a cat from a tree or had won an award after years of work. Will I tell myself “I did it!” or write it off has luck? I will go with the tall tale that has witnesses.

The show itself was a emotional, joyful, and exhausting experience. I know many of you here have experienced these things when seeing a band or hearing a song you like explodes in your head and heart and man do these guys deliver.

The band came out like a volcano for Angel and the Man Himself. Its one thing to see Dave dance on youtube or videos but does this man ever get on that stage and own the space. The crowd was all in right away.

A fella behind me called Dakota shared this with us.

When this song started playing, Greg told Dakota to move up to the rail. Dakota then proceed to hold his arm up in the air for Dave to see it. He squinted and he was able to see what was on his arm. He then pounded his chest to acknowledge the best tattoo in the building. I think then Dakota floated up to the ceiling and stayed there for about 5 minutes.

For Tend the Garden, Dave had a nice story about how his Dad loved gardening. Dave reminded us that we should find the beauty in the little things, like a garden.

Forbearance is a beautiful song, and I shall take it for granted no longer. I think Tom, Louie, Dave, and Max all took turns on keyboards for this song. Sometimes two keyboards at the same time. The layering in this song is sublime.

So now comes the truth of the confusion that has been floating around since the show. Dave was not aware that Spirit Boy was next and went over to the piano to start to play brothers. I believe Tom told him that SB was next. Dave asked if it was ok if he could play Brothers since he was already in position. The band laughed at him and Dave admitted to the crowd that he pays very little attention to the setlist and doesn’t really know what’s going on. Greg really was excited to hear Brothers and it was a nice break from all the dancing to hear Dave play the piano and tell a story about his family.

Sprit Boy, was well, Spirt F’n Boy. Like a already wrote I have listened to the amazon version so much I could hear the horn section in my head. My God, does his voice soar on this tune. Thanks GOY. This is my heart song from the record, and I’ll it means so much.

Unison was like a firework live after getting through the first couple verses, but the special moment here was to be singing “your a long damn way from North Carolina now” while being in the State that Dave said is now his second home. The grin on his face was the widest it would be all night.

For Magnolia he wandered around the whole damn Underground like he was the owner. Dave danced and hugged people all the way up to the surprised people at the Bar and then danced his whole way back to the stage. I lost sight of him eventually and then turned my attention to the band playing this song without Dave around them. That was quite cool I must say.

Wake and Deepest is quite the back to back punch you would imagine. Dave said that Americans don’t really know how to do a proper soccer chant so he felt obligated to teach us. Wake is now America’s official soccer (football) chant. Tom was wowed by how loud we all were and led
the band back into the one last chorus after the song was over. Deepest was a song that was a part of my initial love for this band, and it did not fail to deliver.

The band then left for what Dave kind said was an obligated silly leave and then come back for an encore. This touching song was a great closer and his whispers at the end were perfect. He threw in a Charlotte reference and a Jeff Gordon reference within the gentle lullaby to close. A great line to end the whole night “you were in angel in realtime”

Here is Greg (right) and I basking in the blue afterglow of GOY

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