After "Angel": Gang of Youths EP in July, to be followed by "polarising" album

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Recapping two band interviews today to figure out what’s next.

I’ve latched onto the words “This is our third record…” in the article below, hoping that it will indeed be a full album. Wishful thinking perhaps!


thanks for having the article in the thread KateB

My guess is the new album will have a very heavy Samoan/South Pacific emphasis on the sound. Dave has stated all along that lyrically all he could write about was his father’s death and how he coped with it. I remember reading or hearing that he went to Samoa to connect with family roots and you’d assume the local music would’ve influenced him greatly, and the use of a Maori choir in recording backs that up.
The other thing that’s going to be of great interest to me is how Tom will be used. Will the violin or fiddle be central to their sound from now on? Or will Tom play guitar and keys as much as strings? I have no idea what he played on Angel of 8th… but I get the feeling that was the last straight up banging indie rock song we’ll hear from GOY for a while. When you think about the direction Dave took with Achilles 4 years ago, what’s happened in his life since then, and his insatiable appetite for musical diversity from metal to classical, the result could be anything. Yeah, it’ll be polarising to fans who want more of the same, and I’m sure it’ll be polarising to Warner who would like an album of radio friendly songs like Angel of 8th, but I’m really excited to hear what the next chapter brings!

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That’s a great point about possible Samoan/Pacific influences, @SolopsismBaby – I hadn’t really thought of that, but it would make sense.