Album Review: Gang of Youths takes us in a new direction with Angel In Realtime

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Thoughts on GOY’s potentially “polarising” third album.


Hey Matt!
It’s so nice to read your review! It resonates with my experience listening to the album!

To begin with, I must always say, what an amazing band GOY is… I can’t stop being in awe with them! We should ALWAYS celebrate when the band releases new music!

It’s unbelievable the journey this album takes you through, it is so delicate and well thought. It makes me feel like Dave is guiding us through his amazing story with his father! The guys never miss… it’s incredible.

With that said, I always come back to your definition of their music: “They’re not ‘cool.’ They’re real. There’s blood and guts in every song that singer/songwriter Dave Le’aupepe writes. The pain is out in the open for everyone to see”. That is where I have my reservations with this album (at least through my first 3 hearings). Angel In Realtime seems like it was first thought, then played and then felt. It has an impetus to be cool, to be experimental… it’s not as raw. It may be fed from pain, but the pain was slow-cooked and well seasoned.

Oof, after reading the last paragraph it may seem like I didn’t like the album, but it’s DEFINITELY not the case! Loved it and I’ll be listening on repeat! I just miss the visceral elements…

Peace :brazil: :blue_heart: :love_you_gesture:

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Oh, one more thing, it is SO BEAUTIFUL to see Dave make peace with life… the end of goal of the century it’s pure chills and goosebumps! so happy for him! :brazil: :blue_heart: :love_you_gesture:

thanks Matt,

This is a wonderful well thought out review. I hope the band reads it.


Well said Matt. Echoing many of my initial thoughts. I think this album is going to be a slow burn for me - and I don’t mean that in a negative way - just that it’s so lyrically dense and musically full that I feel I need to let it seep in over time and just see where it takes me. There’s the obvious emotional and deeply personal lyrics combined with the string arrangements that make it an immediate tear-jerker. But I look forward to taking time to slowly unpack all the other layers that were clearly moulded with passion and heart.

Hey Matt,
Such a wonderful insight to this long awaited album.
I had the same feeling of worry when GOY declared last year that it was going to sound completely different to their previous work. GFIL was and still is extremely special to me, the album that I discovered who they were. But Angel In Real Time is a true masterpiece, raw storytelling that I feel through Dave’s writing that he is speaking directly to me. Some of lyrics really hit hard for me as I too lost my Dad over 25 years ago, before I had my children so I would always wonder if he can see my life now…
AIRT made feel all the emotions, goosebumps and sheer joy as I would sing along just like Ricciardo!

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