Andrea from Italy

Hello, I’m Andrea a 37 years old man from Rome, Italy. I love GOY and in this time they are my favourite band in the world. My question: they will come to Italy next summer?

Welcome Andrea, Glad you could stop by for a visit. We haven’t heard Italy yet for 2019, but there is always hope. They are doing the festivals in Czech Republic and Spain, does Italy have any music festivals that GOY could attend?

In Italy there are so many big festival…but GOY here are unkown so i don’t know…

I think the more festivals in Europe they do, the more likely Italy will fall in love with them soon enough.

Welcome here @Andrea81! Thanks for stopping by and setting up an account. Here’s hoping they do stop by somewhere near Italy in the near future so you can check them out!


Welcome @Andrea81! I’m curious how you discovered Gang of Youths – do they get played on radio in Italy? I know they haven’t played in your country yet - have you seen them elsewhere?

Goodmorning from Rome!
In Italy GOY are completely unkown so radio stations never played their songs. I’ve never seen GOY live…but I read an interview of Adam Duritz that said:“GOY are the best band in the world”. I love Counting Crows so I listened GO FARTHER IN LIGHTNESS and I agree with Adam.

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Ahhhhh, that makes sense – it’s fascinating to me how people find GOY. Someday I hope it’ll be easier for everyone. Maybe Deepest Sighs can help with that. :smile:


Welcome @Andrea81! I think you might have some good news soon. Get ready for a trip to Vasto the last week of July. Nothing official yet but you never know… :grinning:

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The only thing I know is that in Vasto there is a music festival in July! Vasto is a small town on the Adriatic sea…but i do not think that Gang of Youths will be headliner…

No, they definitely wouldn’t be a headliner, but they might be playing there!