Angel of 8th Ave. review: There's Heaven in Here Now

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It carries a heavy burden, and delivers on all counts.

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Great review of the song Matt. I have had it on repeat now for about 2 hours! I love the slow build up of the atmospheric sonic waves, to the stately drums and clapping, to the stark steel string guitar bringing the song to life. Dave’s velvet almost spoken word voice in a new song has been long overdue. I look forward to seeing this song live and opening the show.

Here is also what Dave had to say about this song in an interview with Zane Lowe.

“I started writing this about four years ago and we’ve done 15 versions of it,” the band’s David Le’aupepe told Zane Lowe. “It’s probably the only song that you’ll hear from us from now that sounds remotely kind of what we sounded like the previous kind of six to eight years.” He continued, “It’s supposed to kind of feel like a swift energetic, like kind of lightning strike, I think. And I think we wanted those things that had kind of inertia and energy and to have that sensibility. But I think there was kind of a part of us that wanted to still tip the cap to what we’d been for so long, but also gestured to the future and gestures to the sounds that we’re obsessed with, gestures to the world that we’re starting to create in this kind of room.”

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2018 was the last time we got new music from Gang of Youths (the MTV Unplugged record + the cover of “Straight To You” by Nick Cave). So much has changed in the years since but it only took one listen to affirm why this band is so good.

Lyrically, I’m reminded of a line Dave said in an interview with FBi radio in Australia back in 2016 - “Art is how we make sense of the void.”

“God, it was state of the art / You called each of my sorrows by name / And a tide of tender mercies / Shook my body from the grave.”

“There’s heaven in you now.”

I can’t wait to see what they do next. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling, it’s Gang of Youths.

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How goes it, @RobC!?! Cool to see you back in here again. I love that “state of the art” verse, too – so damn good. He sure can spin a tale in his lyrics. Damn.

it looks like part of the video is shot in Islington/Angel tube stop.

however, the only 8th Ave. in London is about 10 miles east of Islington.

perhaps the 8th Avenue they are talking about is somewhere else (not London)?

or does the title and video location have nothing to do with each other, even though the lyrics name-checks Islington too?

Welcome Sfindie! Great day today right? I looked up 8th Avenue in London and it’s just a nondescript street. Maybe they know someone that lives or lives on it.

Welcome to the forum, @sfindie! :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the 8th avenue in the song is in NYC. He calls her the patron of Washington Square, which is a well-known park in Manhattan – a block away from 8th street. Dave and Cort met in NYC then later moved to London.