Annoying game: How long until you don't recognize a Coachella artist?

Both my kids love to make fun of how I know almost nothing about current music. (TBH my wife makes fun of me, too, but she’s almost as bad as me.)

My son even has a game he plays where he reads off the lineup for each night at Coachella or some other big music festival to find out how long until I’ve never heard of someone. He starts at the top of the bill with the most famous acts. I really sucked this year.

On day one, I buzzed out at the 3rd artist (Run the Jewels).

On day two, I buzzed out at the 2nd artist (Flume).

On day three, I buzzed out at the 4th artist (Daniel Caesar).


I mean, seriously. If current music was any good, I’d know a lot more artists than GOY, that’s for damn sure.

Flume and David Le’Aupepe went to high-school together! :):grinning:

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For real??!!?? OMG. I had no clue (obvs).

And adding irony to all this is that what prompted the game is that my son was surprised GOY wasn’t on the Coachella bill this year.

(BTW, welcome to the forum @ionicjessica!)

Yeah! I read it somewhere once. Flume is great. Saw him at Governor’s Ball once and again at Forest Hills Stadium here in NYC. I like your son’s game - and was surprised too…oh well, maybe next year. Thanks, Matt!

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