Asleep In The Back Thoughts Thread

Thoughts on Asleep in the Back?

it’s very much like the original by Elbow and that makes me happy!

Elbow’s first couple of records have elements not too far off from GOY - see Newborn, Lucky With Disease, Red, Grace Under Pressure, and Not A Job to hear the similarities.

thanks! I’ll check that out today

Not knowing anything about Elbow I have to confess, I listened to the original first. GoY’s version is very faithful to it, and I can see how it drew in Dave lyrically. Honestly, it doesn’t really grab me, but I’ll give it more listens to see if it grows on me.

It doesn’t grab me either but it is a pleasant listen. Dave’s voice sounds good.

Obviously GoY and Elbow are now going to tour together, right?! I’d be totally cool with that. I love Elbow. Ironically, I was first exposed to them when they covered U2’s ‘Running To Stand Still.’ And hopefully fans of each will be exposed to the other if they haven’t discovered them already because of this song.

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I have a mixed relationship with Elbow so was momentarily wary at the words “Elbow cover” but very luckily this is one of the few songs of theirs I still have positive feelings about - the Gang take is gorgeous, not a wildly different arrangement but it feels a bit less studied and stately, a little looser, has a sort of lazy majesty to it. There’s something I love about replacing the muted horn stabs of the original with those more triumphant strings. Lovely cover.