Austin City Limits 2018

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It’s funny … I took my audio and video recordings from that web stream, spent a couple hours making little edits to sync them up so it didn’t look like a bad Japanese movie, uploaded it my personal YouTube channel and ZAP! Within minutes, YT’s automated algorithm flagged it as a copyright violation and deleted the video. Then this guy came along a couple days later and his got through. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No matter … it’s a great performance and I’m just glad it’s on there for the world to see!

Well, maybe it will be taken down soon. Your time wasn’t wasted as when the youtube goes down, we can still watch it, everyone else won’t

And speaking of this performance (which I’m listening to now), I love the extra guitar bits that Joji does in Keep Me In The Open – stuff I’ve not heard him do in other performances. SOOOO GREAT :heart: :heart: :heart:


I just randomly had this video recommended to me on my personal YouTube account. It’s still there. And yeah - I skipped around and landed on Keep Me in the Open and heard those extra little licks. Such big wide stage compared to last night’s NYC show.