Did Gang of Youths just sign with Warner Brothers Records UK?


Originally published at: https://www.deepestsighs.com/did-gang-of-youths-just-sign-with-warner-brothers-records-uk/

Imagine my surprise when I was browsing through Instagram posts that had tagged Gang of Youths, and came upon the above picture in a post from Warner Brothers Records UK. (The same post is on their Facebook Page, too.) The photo was posted Wednesday morning (London-time) and shows all of Gang of Youths, their manager…


It’s hard to say much without knowing any details, but this could be really huge news in terms of international distribution and visibility for future albums. Sure hope it’s as big a deal as I think. Why else would they have 30 people there smiling and drinking champagne, right???


This will be a real win for the band and all of its fans.


Has to be somewhat significant, even if it is normal management / deals type things for a band on the rise. A good sign that the shows in the UK are paying off for awareness and growing their audience.