Discography, etc



I’m starting to collect albums on vinyl and CD/DVD formats.

But regarding singles I don’t think there are any tracks that have been released on vinyl or CD so far? All seem to be available on streaming or download.

Anyone seen different so far? Official releases and promos included!



I have not seen any different either. Its a shame, I would love to have singles to collect as well.


@Ivanobe now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a listing for physical singles, either. Let’s toss it over to our Australian correspondents to confirm: @SolopsismBaby @RobC?


I took the opportunity to look at Discogs, which suggests no official physical releases but does suggest some CD-R Promos for a few singles made in 2019 for the UK market.


I don’t know of any physical singles, but I do know of a CD of about 6 demos they sold at gigs in the very early days. Would love to get hold of a copy, or at least see the track listing and cover art.