Discover their first album "The Positions"

For those who are new to this band and have jumped in with the Unplugged album and Go further in Lightness, I would encourage you to go and listen to the older material. (its not that much older, Positions came out in 2015)

To me, when I listen to these songs, I hear a lot of sketches. 6 of the 10 songs clock in over six minutes. My favorite of these sketches is Radioface This song has a real soaring anthem quality to it and has the introspective lines of

Like candles burn with shades of doubt
It’s kinda the way we leveled out
But they’ll see us shine on the evening news

If they are infinite, we are infinite now
If they are infinite, we are infinite now

Vital Signs the beginning has the echos of “seconds” from U2’s war album, then goes all in with Eno and some high soundscapes, then lends itself to a classic type Bono crooning with plenty of “whoa oh’s” to go around.

To close, for those of you who like Bruce Springsteen, I would start with The Diving Bell It has great lyrics and ends with an inspired “I’m on Fire” groove. I love the following lyric from the track
And I dreamed the voices they were calling out to you
Come alive, come alive, and the firings
Where everything is true

Don’t leave this album out. Give it a listen. I think you’ll find strong roots from this band here.

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That’s great - thanks for this. As someone working backwards it’s kind of nice to have a bit of a roadmap. :slight_smile:

You are welcome. I followed the band the same way. Backwards.

I really love “Radioface.” Love the last three tracks, for that matter. And last time Spotify played “Diving Bell,” I was all … wow, this is good.

They used to have a Tumblr where various updates were posted. This is part of the announcement from Dave about The Positions:

when i was 18 i fell in love with a girl fighting stage four cancer. over the course of our four year relationship my friends and i made this album about it – and for those in australia and new zealand we can finally show it to you now.

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Being based in Australia my first introduction to Gang of Youths was ‘The Positions’ back in 2015. It got plenty of positive attention on Triple J (the Australian youth national broadcaster), coming in at #6 in the annual album poll, while ‘Magnolia’ made it to #21 in the Hottest 100 - the annual countdown of the most popular publicly voted tracks that year.

To me ‘The Positions’ is best enjoyed as an hour-long experience. There are definitely tracks I can pick up and listen to by themselves (Magnolia, Radioface, The Overpass), but as a whole the 10 tracks flow together nicely.

‘Knuckles White Dry’ is an especially powerful track for me as the experience of having a loved one dealing with cancer is very real. When my mum was diagnosed last year I played ‘The Positions’ and ‘Knuckles’ in particular on a constant loop - it’s profound stuff and helped process all the emotions going on.

I absolutely recommend people check out ‘The Positions’, I’d argue that the hit/miss ratio is better than ‘Go Farther In Lightness’.


I totally agree with you Rob that this is album that you should listen to from beginning to end. Not many albums are like that anymore are they?

anyone have the 2 disc version with the demos?

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no, sign me up. i didn’t even know this existed.