Early (2013) Video Performance by Gang of Youths

Songs performed according to commenter David Reynolds:

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Can’t believe how young they look! Different drummer. Is that Sam O’donnell?

Yeah I’m assuming so. (@matt is the one who found the video - full credit to him.)

Interesting note in the description:

Currently supporting our favourite psych poppers Cloud Control on a national tour, the band will be permanently relocating to the US of A very soon, so be sure to get on board for one of your last chances to catch them while they’re still in the country.

As far as I know, the band is still in Australia aren’t they? Maybe they relocated to record the next album?

I haven’t seen anything that has them being in the US. If that is true, they need to tour North America a hell of a lot more.

That comment about relocating was from August 2013. They were in the US soon after and most of 2014, in Nashville, while Dave’s wife was getting treatment for her cancer.

Yeah, you almost need to do a timeline showing where and when they were based in various places. Started in Australia. Then the US. Then Jung had visa problems (maybe still does?) and couldn’t go back to Australia, so I think they relocated to London then. Believe that’s where they call home at the moment.

Anyway, I’ve been kinda living on YouTube the past week or two and as best I can tell, this is the earliest known recording/video of GOY. Anyone else know of an older video?

Not the whole band but here’s Dave in Jan 2013 playing Strange Diseases

And much earlier, here he is aged 17 singing in church:

Really interesting to hear how his voice has matured since then…

And the earliest video on YouTube of him, performing at a school concert in mid 2007, aged 15. He looks and sounds so different! Mosman High School was where he met Max in Year 12. He met Joji at Hillsong church when they were both 11, and Jung a couple of years later in the church’s youth group.


Whoa, these are amazing - thx @SolopsismBaby. Never thought to search his name on YouTube. That version of Strange Diseases is fantastic.