Gang of Youths at Lafayette in London on August 12, 2021

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let the avalanche of information begin!!!

Friday morning here in Melbourne on the 201st day of lockdown and this post has brought me pure joy! Thanks Matt! Looking forward to watching on TikTok this Sunday

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Sure looks like a great setlist, doesn’t it @Jo_mad? And the video clips that fans are posting sound terrific. :100:

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Where are they posting them M?

Hi all. Short version: Extremely, extremely good show, holy hell. Going to share some notes/thoughts/highlights so if you’re going to watch the stream these might be spoilers, I guess? You’re warned! If you don’t want anything ruined just know that it was fantastic.

The band continues to have great taste in walk on music - they came out to Arthur Russel’s gorgeous break up ballad I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face, which is not exactly a tune to get you hyped up but it is a lovely piece of music.

The whole (tiny, packed) room seemed super into Angel of 8th which was great - Dave could probably have left the whole end section to the crowd to sing, and it’s great to add another song to the set where he’s not playing an instrument and can play pop star and wiggle the best hips in indie rock

Deepest Sighs is still in it’s semi-unplugged arrangement that IIRC they’ve been doing for a while - very broken down and minimal up to the second verse when the rest of the band comes in, which I wasn’t sure about at first but actually works spectacularly, adds a whole extra climax to the song.

Unison was beautiful - oddly it seemed like people in the room were less aware of it than Angel, maybe some people caught the first single but had missed the EP, but it was still stunning - the acoustic guitar is more prominent than in the recorded version, Tom going wild on the violin in the end section is great, the drums are perfect - I always really respect drummers who can play with dynamics and Donnie perfectly keeps it soft yet punchy in the first two sections before going full pelt at the climax.

The new song is lovely, and heartbreaking - Dave’s spoken in interviews about the Magnetic Fields being a band he loves and this is the first time I think you can hear it in the music, but where MagFields songs are usually intellectual exercises and word games, this is very real and honest stuff about big difficult topics - there were multiple lyrics that elicited collective gasps from the room. The melody is still stuck in my head and I don’t know if it’s the combination of pretty piano and lyrics about family but it kind of feels… Christmassy? Is that weird? idk, maybe you’ll agree when you hear it. It’s very direct and literal and I think some people may find that a bit too much but I loved it. Cannot wait for the album.

The “Common People” intro to LMDE was great fun, I didn’t know they’d been doing that so it was a fun surprise for me, and I think quite a lot of the room. I feel like Donnie has put a little more disco in how he plays the LMDE beat which is cool, I think I always enjoy bands keeping the live arrangements fresh. Also following LMDE with Mangolia is just bananas - the two best drinking songs in all of indie rock back to back? Fantastic.

At the close when Dave explained they could only do one more because of the curfew and the set length they needed for the stream a fair few people optimistically shouted “Say Yes to Life” and while I would have preferred that too, I can see why WCIDITFGO works as the closer for that specific set.
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Some fun stage moments: Dave re-welcomed Tom to the band, mentioning he used to be in Mumford and Sons (cue a lot of people around me clarifying with their partners that he left ages ago and isn’t That Guy) and “Some band called Jonah and the Fish? Noah and the Whale!” and then he sang a bar of L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. which was funny if a little cruel - they had some great songs!
He mentioned that Max had just become a father, and that Joji had too and they said hi to him saying he’d be watching the stream, which was really lovely.
Very sweet moment where after Dave had played the new song solo, the band came back on and Dave said "Was that alright? to Max who hugged him.
And finally - right at the end, I can’t remember the exact words he used so someone check this on the stream but Dave said that the album “is coming” or “is on it’s way” or something like that so - I’m going to stay hopeful that we’ll get it late this year or early next.


thank you so much for this

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this is why people love this band. perfect description of 99% of their work

Hi, I’m new here. Have liked GOY since I first head Go Farther Into Lightness about 3 years ago. I’ve kind of become a bit obsessed since with their music. Lafayette was my first GOY gig. My god I was blown away. At 52 years old I’ve been going to gigs for 40 years and this was the best gig I have ever been to. It was jaw dropping the emotion in the room. I can’t wait til Nottingham.


Welcome James! Nice to find another 50+ fan like me. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: