Great pre-Go Farther interview

I’ve never heard of The Brag, but dang this is a helluva interview – right before Go Farther In Lightness came out in 2017.

(Dave) “If what I’ve done means that there’s a change that happens inside of them – they become a little more ambitious, a little more hopeful, a little more empathetic – then fuckin’ A. That’s why I’ve kept doing this. I started this career because I wanted to deal with some shit that was going on. That’s not enough to last – the therapy aspect was not enough, because it almost killed me. I’m starting to realise now that I want to alleviate people’s suffering. I want to give them hope, and some kind of respite from the world. Now that I’m able to do that, it’s fulfilling.”



Damn it man, just when I thought I couldn’t like them more

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Good stuff. Waiting to see what other shows might show up on their US schedule this year. It would be great to finally see them in concert!

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