How to Get Started with Gang of Youths

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So you wanna be a Gang of Youths fan, but you’re not sure where to start? We’ve been in your shoes. Here’s our guide to learning all about GOY.

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I do the usual comparison (it’s like Bruce Springsteen mashed with U2 mashed with some sort of indie band you’ve never heard of).

I usually send a song link - generally Deepest Sighs, Frankest of Shadows or The Heart is a Muscle depending on the person and their personal style. I find I don’t want to raise someone’s expectations too much because their first listen is inevitably going to be less than what they were expecting and then the band grows on them.

At least imho. :slight_smile:


I would have them go to either Go Farther in Lightness or the Unplugged sessions and work their way backwards through the catalog. If I have to choose one song, it would probably be Deepest Sighs. I would also tell them to give it a fair shot and listen 3 times. That will usually get them.

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And that is how I got here… :slight_smile: You should also add that it was a Spotify link. Haha.

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