If You Like These Artists, You'll Like These Gang Of Youths Songs

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How do YOU answer the “what do they sound like” question?

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I’ll start some…

If you like The Clash , you’ll like these Gang of Youths songs:Native Son and Strange Diseases. The pace and stomping quality of these songs reaches back into the punk roots of this influential band.

If you like Bruce Springsteen , you’ll like these Gang of Youths songs:Vital Signs and The Diving Bell If you don’t hear I’m on Fire in The Diving Bell, you must be deaf.

If you like Band of Horses , you’ll like these Gang of Youths songs: The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows When this kicks into the chorus, its Band of Horses all the way.

I’ll have to listen to Band of Horses more, because when I hear TDSTFS, all I hear is U2.

Give me a BOH song to listen to?

“Is there a ghost” is a great place to start. You will hear it in the chorus.

Oh yep, absolutely. :+1: