In the Wake of Your Leave discussion

Wow, this song for me hits all the right tones.

For myself, when my father passed away almost 10 years ago (hard to believe as I right this), I felt very similar to this upon reflection this morning.

So as you canyoneered from our world upwards
And the angels took their place
I was the loser at your funeral
No emotion conveyed
It was drawn out in vain

Not to take away from Dave, but these words are mine too.

This song has such an uplifting feeling, great pace, and such a great combo of scat singing and yearning from Dave that it can’t be anything but infectious to the GOY fan.

I look forward to yelling at a show here in Charlotte-

My hand on heart
If there’s a line or something in these songs
That are worthy of some mention
You’re free to let me know
But it comes and grows
And leaves me in my weakness
And it comes and goes


I lost my dad in 2015 and have many of the same feelings about this one. Really hits home. The last couple lines are the ones getting me most these days…

But it comes and goes
And holds me when I’m sleepless
Then it comes and shows
How I need you when you’re gone


It’s has that wonderful GOY trademark of being emotional, yet uplifting and joyful at the same time. I connected with this one immediately.

Wondering if I hear a didgeridoo (or similar wind instrument) at the very end of the song?

Also wondering who is singing the synthesized vocals at the start and end? Assuming that’s what it is.

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the vocals sound processed through a keyboard, but good catch on the wind instrument at the end. I hadn’t noticed that because there are some cool layers to that song. Its probably the only thing I’ll hear now. Ha.

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