Jung on guitar?

Those of us who’ve just discovered GOY this year have probably only seen Jung sitting in front of his keyboards. But in one of the old interviews, he mentions that guitar is his favorite instrument. And I just came across this Facebook video where he’s playing guitar on Poison Drum.

Longtime fans – did he play guitar more than keyboards on the early material?

Yes, in the early days he played both, probably split about 50/50, but by the time of The Positions tour he was rarely playing guitar. He still plays guitar for the second part of Vital Signs when they play it live though, which is practically every gig.

Really cool – I’ll have to keep an eye on that as I’m watching videos. Thx @SolopsismBaby.

Speaking of Jung, I just had to post this video of his dad from Friday night’s gig. First Dave singles him out, then when Jung finally sees him he just shakes his head, and finally Joji and Max both give him a nod. So cool!


By the way, it was great to see Jung alternate between the keyboards and grand piano on this tour, and he still played guitar during Vital Signs.


Ah that’s so cool! Love it.

That’s fantastic – can you imagine your dad up on someone’s shoulders during your gig like that??? OMG, so awesome. Thx for sharing @SolopsismBaby. :muscle:

Check Jung go for it in this video: