Lets talk about Go Farther in Lightness

All the strangest things keep happening…

This is a great lyric hook for me. There have been stretches in my life where this tiny sentence could be plastered on a T-shirt and I wear it everyday for a month. I can relate to when things are really down that it has felt I have no where to turn.

After the frantic paces at the end of Don’t Let Your Spirit Wane, this quiet reflection lullaby rests in the middle of the bands album of the same name. Dave takes us on a little journey into his mind as his thinks of his Dad, his city, his street. The album version sounds as if he is sitting at a cafe, while there is chatter all around him, he thinks of all the things happening to him while the world continues on around him.

It’s the weirdest high and the lowest peak
God, I’m an alien on my own goddamned street

As relationships for me have changed, people have left, children grow up, I have feet like a stranger in my own life, or my “own street” When my father and grandmother died within the same year I can recall feeling that I was a stranger to myself, my known certain world had changed and I reluctantly had to change with it.

Dave’s answer for us when things are down trodden is a simple and beautiful reminder that there is somewhere we can go.

Go farther in hope, go farther
Go farther in lightness


No matter the circumstance, there is always hope and lightness. We should always continue to fight for both of these things.

That’s beautiful, @Swan269. Love the message.

The song is one that I didn’t warm up to at first, but have started to appreciate it more lately. I know it has a lot of fans who absolutely love it.