LFG! Gang of Youths updates its socials

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What does it mean? We analyze. Because why not?

I’m deep into season 4 of Peaky Blinders and couldn’t help but remember this quote. :slight_smile:

ha ha yes.

I just think the band has been working out and is ready to get back to business

Now that we’re analyzing, check out what I found out about the website. I posted it on reddit.

Let me know what you think about the image.


Welcome to the site Iso. thanks for the info! The image reminds me of the mirrors at a carnival.

Welcome to the forum, @isomorphic_to_myself – cool that you discovered that before it all went live. Love all these puzzle pieces fans are finding.

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Gosh I was really hoping magnolia day would bring about some surprise music, not just a website update and 12 second teaser that didn’t even natively have audio! Oh well, the wait continues…

Welcome to the site DJ. I agree that 12 seconds seems like nothing, but when you have been in the desert 3 years wouldn’t a shot of water feel like an ocean? Ha! I would say that i’m just excited that there is tangible proof of new songs to come soon.

Welcome @DjHamdog!

I hear what you’re saying, but they’re with a huge record label now. The band isn’t in control of things like they’ve been up until now. And I can’t imagine Warner caring much about Magnolia Day.