Milan with Mumford & Sons

Has anyone seen @Andrea81 around lately? Assuming he went to see GOY and Mumford. Anxiously awaiting a recap. :slight_smile:

Goodmorning everyone!
Unfortunately for work reasons I was not able to go to the concert in Milan nor to the one in London of which I already had the tickets purchased. I hope GOY return to Italy this summer, but the festival in Vasto to which @SolopsismBaby referred was canceled …:cry:

Oh no, Andrea! :frowning: What a bad turn of events. Hopefully you’ll get another chance soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

That’s a bummer on both counts @Andrea81! However, coming from Australia I find it incredible that you can fly cheaply to literally any gig in Europe/UK that you’d like to, so not much sympathy from me. I flew 5 hours last week from Sydney and I was still in Australia! If I was living in Italy I reckon I’d be seeing plenty of GOY gigs during the year.

@SolopsismBaby You’re right, in Europe the distances are very short and the flights are cheap. In the past I have followed several concerts of the same tour by artists like U2, Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan … but in this period of my life I work seven days a week and I am not allowed to have free days for which I am forced to sacrifice many things…:pensive:

so sorry, i hate cancellations