MTV Unplugged Live in Melbourne

The album is out - - what do you think of it? Fav versions of songs?

We’ve started a post collecting reviews of the album from around the world here:

Let us know if you find some good (or bad!) reviews of the album to add to the post.

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I have found myself listening to this album almost everyday.

I like the whole thing, but I love Keep me in the open with the female vocal thrown in at the end. I miss the guitars that are present in the live version, but this is unplugged after all!

DSFS has the subtle first chorus and then it explodes at the end like we all want it to.

I think the song that has grown on me more is “persevere”, hearing the backstory just makes it that much more powerful.

Still unbeaten life is just a great song, period.

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Well dang. I was hoping it was awful so I wouldn’t have to justify buying another album. :slight_smile: Might have to go on my Xmas list.

yeah, you gotta get this one.

As someone who has sought out various live/session performance online, I was a little underwhelmed by the MTV Unplugged record. Don’t get me wrong, the orchestral and brass adds a lot, but having listened to the Triple J Like A Version performance of ‘Blood’ and the Bloodworks Live Studio performance of ‘Persevere’ I found myself wanting more.

That said, ‘Still Unbeaten Life’ is phenomenal.