My Friday tradition


Years ago when I first discovered a band called The Boxer Rebellion, I’d listen to their entire catalog every Friday while working. They had 4 albums at the time, as I recall, so it was doable.

Since I discovered GOY, I’m doing the same with their music every Friday – and it’s even more doable since they only have the two albums, one EP and a couple singles (on Spotify). Screenshot below is my playlist tracking.

Does anyone else have any traditional times/settings where you go out of your way to play GOY?


I listen to them while I’m working out. The longer tracks really help me when I’m running, before I know it, I’m done


I was walking on the treadmill a couple weeks ago (which I rarely use), and “Let Me Down Easy” came on and it was so perfect for my pace! Kinda made me want to use the treadmill more. :wink: