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My name is Matt and this is my first reply. I’m a struggling North American GOY fan who can’t watch the MTV Unplugged show on MTV AU’s website because it’s region-locked. #sad

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Thanks Matt. I hope you find your new tribe here. :slight_smile:

I’m with you Matt. Make it all available for us please!

Agreed. It’s 2018 - region-locked content is sooooo 2000’s.

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@SolopsismBaby says (via email) that the DVD is all regions, so I might go that route.

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Please tell me they’ll do a blu-ray of it? Don’t pull a U2 and never adapt to newer formats. :joy:

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blu ray would be awesome.

Hi there, I’m a Sydneysider who fell in love with this band when I first saw them live in 2014.
Oh, and I brought lemonade!

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greetings and welcome.

Hi all! I’m 23, based in Newcastle, Australia. My earliest memory of Gang of Youths was hearing them featured in the 2015 Triple J album poll where ‘The Positions’ came in #6. I found the story of the band interesting but didn’t take to the music immediately. Over the next 18 months GOY gained more attention in Australia, especially when SBS (one of the government run tv broadcasters in Aus) featured Dave on an episode of The Feed. After that I went out and bought all the records and fell in love with my favourite band!

I’ve seen them live once at the Hordern Pavillion, Sydney in 2017 and will see them again in 2 weeks time at the Enmore Theatre!

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Welcome @RobC! Kinda jealous that you get to see them soon – their December dates here in the US are nowhere near me. :frowning:

And per my comment in the other thread, that interview video you posted is one of the first things I found on YouTube when I started diving into GOY earlier this year. What a story.

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Welcome Rob. I too am jealous you have seen them. Your personal reviews of the shows will be very insightful and valuable to the group.

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Thanks. This was my take of the Hordern Pavillion gig I was at last year.

“From punching the air, raising middle fingers, crying tears of sadness and singing along to it all - this was everything and more i could ask from the show and more.”

There was a period midway through the show where Dave did a piano version of “Knuckles White Dry” that had me openly weeping and being consoled by my friend. Two songs later “Magnolia” happened and I had never felt more alive. The emotion of it all was unlike any show I’ve ever experienced.


powerful stuff. Thank you. I hope to see them one day.

Hi there! I’m a new fan thanks to @matt 's twitter posting over the last few months. Huge U2 fan, so loved the Rolling Stone article comparing the two bands. I’m in DC and will see GOY on December 10 at the 930 Club, which is a small venue but produces a big noise! I introduced my musician brother to them, and he in turn has made his daughter a fan.

Looking forward to seeing these talented Youths make it big!

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I have been to the 9:30 club several times. That will be awesome

@TimMc - welcome, cool to see you here! :muscle:

Howdy! Welcome here! And thanks for the lemonade. :slight_smile:


Welcome here @TimMc! It feels like GOY is a great segue from U2 for many - but not all. Looking forward to see how the live show goes for you.