New Member Introductions


Yes, the audience is in such a great mood at their shows, so much love in the room!
Hope you can get to see them live soon.


Welcome here! Thanks for taking time to join our little (for now?) community! Having folks who’ve actually seen the band is a great addition for those of us far across the world from anywhere GOY will be playing soon. :slight_smile:


I am glad I have found this forum and I hope it continues to grow as I have been waiting for something like this to come along for a long time now. To be able to share this band with other people who love it just as much is very exciting.

My name is Brendan from Adelaide and I first fell In love with Gang Of Youths when my girlfriend bought me The Positions for my Birthday in April 2015. Discovering this album and the emotion in Dave’s lyrics drew me to countless listens over 2015. It was an album that my girlfriend and I mutually fell for while listening together and it helped us grow closer through all the listens. We saw them live for the first time in April 2016.

By the time Let Me Be Clear came out, I had memorised The Positions word for word and I was immediately drawn to The Good Fight and Still Unbeaten Life and knew when Album #2 came out it would blow my mind.

By the time GFIL arrived it exceeded even the high expectations I had. It’s probably had over 300 listens from start to finish since it arrived and still gives me chills every time I listen. Another album I can sing word for word due to so many listens. My girlfriend and I saw them live in September 2017 and then twice on the Say Yes To Life tour last year.

I am so excited for what the future holds for this band and can’t wait for a potential Album #3 sooner rather than later. Thanks for having me here and I hope I can contribute to a great community


Welcome here BRN. Glad to have you here in the forum. All of us here are waiting for news on album #3, and are pumped to see where the band goes next.


Hey Brendan - welcome! Sorry I missed this one when you first posted. Great to have you on board. SO jealous that you saw them in September 2017 – which reminds me that I’ve been meaning to start a thread on that tour. Hope you’ll chime in over there.


Welcome here Brendan! Thanks for signing up and joining us on this weird journey into Gang of Youths fandom. :slight_smile:



Hi. My name is Roger and I live in Los Angeles. I’m a new GOY fan having learned about them 6 months or so ago after hearing an interview with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol (a fave band) and the interviewer asked him what he was listening to these days and he mentioned Persevere, which immediately sent me on a mission to find out about the song and who sings it. From that moment forward I’ve been hooked resulting in my wife and I traveling to London specifically for the Islington Hall shows where we attended the first 3, all in the front row on the rail. At the end of the Sat. night show, Dave obviously recognized us from being in basically the same spot all 3 nights and as he was shaking hands with the first row at the end of the show, he held onto my hand an extra moment and placed his last guitar pick squarely in my palm. I’m now on a mission to introduce GOY to everyone I can in LA and beyond.


Whoa! That’s a pretty cool “new member intro” story @Roger. You might win a :trophy: of some sort for that one. :slight_smile:

Welcome here and thanks for joining!



Awesome story Roger, Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to hang out and discuss these gentlemen and their songs.



Hi there. Argo here. I just joined this forum. I am not really a forum person (am a member of a U2 fan forum - nice to see you here too Matt… which is how I actually discovered GOY last year - I don’t know what I was doing before then either). Amazing to discover a band you really really like who already has 3 albums under their belts (I consider it 3 rather than 2). And now just found this forum. I am an Aussie but don’t live in Aust which is probably why it took me so long to find out about GOY.


Welcome @Argo! I recognize your name, thx for joining. Pretty soon we’ll have all of U2 fandom converted. :grinning:

And welcome @Roger - sorry for not saying hello sooner! That’s a helluva experience you’ve already had. Way to go. :muscle:


Welcome Argo. Glad you ventured in to check us out.
Better to find out about GOY sooner than later


Welcome to the U2>GOY transition team. :wink:



Hi, I’m Bas and I am from The Netherlands. I have seen GoY 4 times at the Mumford and Sons Delta Tour. Didn’t know them before. Great music and very Nice guys! Hope to see them more often.


Welcome Bas - cool to see you here after all our emails! :slight_smile: Thanks again for the great pics and videos. So cool that you’ve become a fan from seeing them on this recent tour.


Welcome here Bas. Great photo with Dave.


Hi, my name is Aaron, and I love music - and in particular live concerts. I am from Ireland but have lived in England most of my life.

I am a more recent convert to GOY, but have already gone down the rabbit-hole and am buying and collecting back catalogue (collecting music as been part of my life since a kid, and usually a good indicator that I like a band ALOT if I am collecting all and sundry by them).

I have only seen GOY in London in April 2019, but get to see them soon in London on 15th June at a mystery venue! All the more exciting to see this great band.

Regards and best wishes


Welcome Aaron, its great to have you here to talk about this wonderful band. Don’t ever say you have only seen them once. The creator of this site just saw them for the first time this weekend, and I have NEVER seen them. :flushed: The cool thing about getting into GOY now is they don’t have a huge back catalog so someone new can catch up to them quickly. I got someone into this band by starting with the recent Melborne unplugged record and dive backwards into the other records.
I am like you and love live music and I can’t wait until they come back for a proper US tour.
Glad you are here Aaron.



Thank you - I have @matt to thank for the introduction to GOY. They do have that special factor in my opinion.


Welcome here @Ivanobe! Mark the calendar for when you started converting over to GOY from that other band. :wink: