New Member Introductions


Welcome Aaron, its great to have you here to talk about this wonderful band. Don’t ever say you have only seen them once. The creator of this site just saw them for the first time this weekend, and I have NEVER seen them. :flushed: The cool thing about getting into GOY now is they don’t have a huge back catalog so someone new can catch up to them quickly. I got someone into this band by starting with the recent Melborne unplugged record and dive backwards into the other records.
I am like you and love live music and I can’t wait until they come back for a proper US tour.
Glad you are here Aaron.



Thank you - I have @matt to thank for the introduction to GOY. They do have that special factor in my opinion.


Welcome here @Ivanobe! Mark the calendar for when you started converting over to GOY from that other band. :wink: