Old GOY five bears logo

One more from my FB research – this is an old GOY logo that they posted in late 2013. It was used on some merchandise, too, as best I can tell.

only you, can put out forest fires.

Logos matter because I don’t know if I would’ve followed @matt’s pushing to check out a band with a clip art search result for “bears” as their logo. :smile:

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Scroll down for a photo showing the bears logo on stage behind the band. :slight_smile:


As soon as The Positions was released they adopted the Vital Signs heartbeat logo from the album back cover:

It became their unofficial logo, and was on their backdrop, tour bus and merch for a couple of years.

Once Go Farther was released they stopped using it, which is a pity I reckon.

Yeah, I like that vital signs logo – saw it on an old t-shirt or something and thought it looked really cool. I also like the current block letters band name logo.

Nice. Thanks for the update on their logo history. I agree - the heartbeat is a great look as well.


Taken at their Jan 10, 2014 gig at GoodGod Small Club.


There it is! I’d love to learn any backstory on that. I think I read an interview with Dave where he talked about the guys getting together in the very early days as like bears in a cave??

Nice to see the Vital Signs logo make a reappearance at the start of their ACL gig!

Yes, indeed. Little throwback there.

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day today and on Instagram @odelay1991 posted this beauty!

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