Older Interviews

Back in 2016 Dave was a guest on FBi Radio’s “Out of the Box” segment in Australia (similar concept to BBC’s Desert Island Discs).

It’s interesting to hear him discuss a number of the ideas that would go on to inform ‘Go Farther In Lightness’ - particularly his affection for Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ which is evident in ‘Fear and Trembling’.

It’s a great listen for everyone eager to find out more about Dave and how that informs the music of Gang of Youths.

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This is great, @RobC - thx so much for sharing. Speaking as someone who’s only discovered the band this year, I’d love to learn about any other older interviews/articles/etc. that would help us catch up on what I’ve missed – and I’m sure others would, too. I’ve found a fair amount of stuff on YouTube and managed to find the Rolling Stone (AU) cover story on Archive.org, but I’m sure there must be so much more.

Welcome to the site and the forum, too - thanks for joining us. :grin:


Cheers! Glad to be amongst people who feel the same about GOY!

Here are some more links from FBi Radio in Australia:

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Triple J Interviews

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Wow thanks for these!

https://fbiradio.com/listen-gang-of-youths-on-friday-arvos/ - Jan 2014 Dave talking about the year that was 2013, and a solo version of Radioface.

Also, here’s an interview with Dave published the day before Let Me Be Clear was released in July 2016. It’s also the first time he publicly announces the title of the sophomore album:


I just discovered this old interview from about when Let Me Be Clear came out, and just wow…

I was looking for part of it to quote here as my favorite, but the whole thing is great. But I really love the part where he talks about not being special/better just because he’s up on a stage.

this is a fantastic read. the lyrics he pens are a reflection of how he feels for sure.

Found a new one I hadn’t heard before:

Early on, he mentions that the band’s touring van was broken into in Nashville and the (stolen) laptops had early work for album #3. That was news to me.

Rest of the convo is good, too. I like the guy asking him about playing arenas someday.

Sounds like U2’s October album…

Courtney on Twitter just shared what has to be the band’s first radio appearance. It’s Feb 5, 2013 on Triple J Unearthed. No live performance, but Dave and Joji chat with host Rosie, and they sound sooooo young. :slight_smile:

Audio is here: https://soundcloud.com/triplejunearthed/05-02-2013-rosie-on-unearthed

They come on at the 43:30 mark and their segment lasts about 12-13 minutes. It includes the demo version of “Strange Diseases” and “Riverlands.”