On a sunny morning in Rome

A few months ago, on a sunny morning in Rome, I walked the road that brings me to work every day. Leaving the subway with the headphones on my hear I walked the last stretch of road with sadness and heaviness in my soul, when I was kidnapped by the notes of a song and closing my eyes for a second I imagined an invisible thread coming down from the sky like the one used to fish and grabbing it on the fly it took me up high in a beautiful world of happiness and serenity in a carpet of clouds. I opened my eyes with the feeling of having found a treasure. The song was “L’imaginaire” and the sadness had became quiet.
Months later after that first listen “Go farther in lightness” has become that friend who accompanies me in moments of solitude and comforts me. I don’t know personally the people who play that record but I thank them because they give me strength.
This is one of the values of music: unknown people who help us without even knowing us …


this song is a great lead in for Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane. I marry them together for every playlist I have that has “wane” Your last sentence is so true. :slight_smile: