Show at a snow resort?

That article has Max talking about a particularly bad show GOY did:

There was this other show we did like four years ago at a snow resort. We were going through so much tragedy and devastation at the time. I remember the set ended with a random cover of With or Without You and we just kinda faded out, threw our guitars down and went for beers, good times.

When I was working on our Tours section, I remember something about a snow resort … but I can’t find the show on the site now. Ugh.

Does that sound familiar to anyone else? Maybe @SolopsismBaby remembers something? #fingerscrossed

Yeah, they played a free concert at the Thredbo Village Square on 18th July 2015. Here’s some info:

@SolopsismBabyYOU ARE THE MAN! Thanks so much. I never got that added to the Tours section. Fixing that now.

Lol, it was easy to find mate. We only have three ski resorts in Australia, so it was either Thredbo, Perisher Valley or Falls Creek.

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