Songs a GOY newbie should listen to

TL;DR: Hoping for some help with songs you’d suggest a GOY newbie listen to.

Full story: I was the guest this week on a Bruce Springsteen fan podcast. (It’ll be available in a couple weeks.) During the show, I talked quite a bit about GOY/Dave’s Bruce fandom, mentioned Diving Bell and Fear & Trembling, Dave covering I’m On Fire, etc.

The host sometimes does “Bruce newbie” shows where he has a casual Bruce fan listen to a bunch of songs and then come on the show to talk about likes/dislikes/thoughts/etc. And then the host tells him the story/facts of the songs the person listened to.

Well, in this case, he wants to flip that. I need to send him some GOY songs to listen to and then I’ll come back to his show in a month or two, I’ll be the host, and I’ll ask him for his thoughts on these GOY songs and also tell him about each song.

Should be really fun and a GREAT way to introduce GOY to some Bruce fans. So … what songs would you have this Springsteen fan listen to??

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  1. The Diving Bell
  2. Magnolia
  3. Vital Signs
  4. Native Tongue/Strange Diseases (Punk Angle)
  5. Still Unbeaten Life (live)
  6. The Heart is a Muscle
  7. Deepest Sighs Frankest of Shadows
  8. Go Farther in Lightness
  9. Keep Me in the Open (live)
  10. Say Yes to Life

Tough to keep it to 10!

Impossible to keep it to 10.