Songs that Gang of Youths has covered

A while back I started a thread about songs I wish Gang of Youths would cover. Now, how about a thread for all the songs they have covered? Let’s do it!

If you have something to add, please add a reply in this thread – and be sure to include audio/video if it’s available!


All My Friends

With or Without You (Dave & Joji)

Straight To You

(Sorry, can’t get the track to embed here in the forum, but it’s there in my article.)

Both Sides Now


Do You Remember

(The rest of these are just Dave performing solo, sometimes in concert.)

Jesus Etc.

A Case of You

Bloodbuzz Ohio

I’m On Fire

The Book Of Love

My Winding Wheel

Chelsea Hotel #2

Have Yrself A Merry Little Christmas

Just thought of this one - a cover with the original artist.

Ooooh, I like that song - thx @KateB. And welcome to the forum!

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Video of ‘All My Friends’:

And a snippet of ‘Tiny Dancer’:

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Great stuff, thanks @SolopsismBaby! That last one reminds that Barb D. posted this Shania Twain snippet in the Facebook thread.

Hey Matt & Co
Have you come across GOY covering any INXS songs?
Would LOVE to hear them cover them!

Hey Jo - welcome to the forum! Yay!

I don’t think they have covered INXS, which is kinda surprising. I’d love to hear them cover all the Aussie bands I’ve loved over the years – INXS, The Church, Men At Work, etc. That would be too cool.

This is wonderful. :heart:

They played the first verse of Common People leading into Let Me Down Easy at Omeara the other night.

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Cover of “Where The Streets Have No Name” by Dave from December 2019:

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Thx @SolopsismBaby and @gadsden – and welcome to the forum, thx for joining us!