Tend the garden discussion

What do you think of this track? Quite the departure right?

The first time I heard this song, I thought I was stepping into the 1970’s. I think that of the tracks that have been released so far, this is the one that challenges me as a GOY fan in a good way.

It’s really lovely - the groove of the instrumental and flow of the vocal are great, and it feels really singular within their discography where the other new songs have felt like old and new mixed. Was very happy to hear Dave on that Instagram live say that The Avalanches and Nujabes were influences on it - I can definitely hear the former in the psychedelic swirl of the second half. Also a huge fan of it coming to a halt, having the room sound and then coming back to life, very cool moment. Great song, and really busts what I think the rest of the album might sound like wide open.

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you are right, this could be setting the tone for the rest of the album that we haven’t heard.