Time for bigger venues in Australia?

On this current Say Yes To Life tour, GOY played 8 shows at The Forum in Melbourne and they were scheduled for 6 shows at Enmore Theatre in Sydney. (The first one was postponed until January.)

Those venues hold 2,000 and 2,500, respectively, according to the internet. :slight_smile:

Is it possible that GOY could be playing regular arenas at this point in AU? Is there a step in between these theatres and the bigger arenas?

I saw GOY on two nights at the Forum in Melbourne and love love love that the band is playing smaller venues. I am sure GOY could easily play bigger venues if they wanted to here in Oz, but they went the extra yards to play a shed load of shows instead.

I much prefer to see bands in venues like this and am over going to big arena shows. Sure Ive seen Springsteen, U2 and other big acts in arenas and they were amazing, but venues like the Forum have a much more intimate atmosphere and its really something special to see bands up close and personal.

Totally agree with you @Chinkapook. I saw them at the Enmore on Thursday night and the vibe was something special in a venue that size. They could’ve easily sold out another Sydney venue like Qudos Bank Arena, with a capacity of 21,000, but in true GOY fashion they were thinking about their fans. The reason they organised their own mini festival for tonight at Brisbane’s Riverstage (capacity 10,000) is that there is no mid- sized venue in Brissie. There’s only the Tivoli which holds 700… However, there’s a new 3,500 capacity venue being built in Fortitude Valley that will open next year. Here is a quote from their manager Kurt Bailey from the recent article about GOY breaking the Forum and Enmore records:

“We had offers to play arenas and big outdoor spaces but the one amazing thing about Gangs is that they’re always thinking about what’s best for their audience not what would essentially be easier for them and make them more money. It’s never been about that with these guys and it never will be. All about the people.”

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Fair enough, and I respect the current approach. No doubt theatres are a better vibe than bigger arenas.

But the flip side of the “for the fans” aspect is that, if all these shows are sold out, how many fans that want to see them are getting shut out even with 7-8 shows in Sydney/Melb? There’s two sides to every coin.

And that only becomes more of a problem as the fanbase gets bigger. After the next album is out, are they gonna stick with theatres in Australia? Will they have to play 12-15 nights in Sydney to satisfy demand? At some point, it’s okay for a band to be a bit selfish and say, “you know, we love seeing you all in small venues, but it’s not good for us to play two weeks straight in the same venue in the same city.” If the fanbase keeps growing, they’re gonna have to make the jump eventually.

They are playing the Laneway fest in Melbourne in Feb, so that will be a much larger audience plus Splendour in the Grass back in July was a big audience too. :laughing:

You’re dead right @matt, you’d have to think this is the last tour they do in venues that size. They are getting way too popular for that. They are outspokenly against fans buying scalped tickets, but already on this tour fans have paid up to $400 for tix through that ripoff Viagogo site. Next time around they will have to make that jump to bigger venues.