Unison Thoughts Thread

Thoughts about new song Unison here

I don’t think this is the drastic shift in sound that people may have been expecting. For a band that released “Kansas” and “Achilles Come Down” they’ve shown themselves willing to be quieter.

Sonically I was reminded of Bon Iver.

I immediately got a real Sufjan Stevens vibe - particularly ’Chicago’ from Illinois album.

Anyone else get a Mumford vibe when the whole band kicks in?

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I think my favorite stanza from the song is,

Tenderhooks, 'cause the guys know that I am tender prey
And heaven knows that if they balled me away
Would I reach your love again?
Flawless paradise and I’m raised up in the sky, blue sky
In a bad deed with no good alibis
Will I see your love again?
Will I feel your love again?

the quiet before the song kicks in is nice.

Oh boy, it’s really growing on me (after about 10 listens! :joy:). As I expected, the addition of Tom on banjo, strings and I’m presuming brass (I wonder if he plays the sax??) has added a new dimension to the sound. Will be really interesting to see how they replicate it live in their upcoming UK gigs.

are you going to any of the UK gigs?

As someone who has lived in North Carolina pretty much his entire life, I just have to say…… ‘HAVE YOU HEARD THEY MENTIONED NORTH CAROLINA IN THIS SONG!!!... OHMIGOD!’

Obviously tour dates here in NC are imminent! :joy::joy::joy:

Ok, I think the NC mention is a slight diss, but that’s ok. I like this song, but need to let it soak in some more.

I am here in North Carolina also Teddy, and yes this is a clear sign they should tour here and explain the dismissal

I am EXTREMELY excited to see this one live - have to assume that drum climax is going to be incredible. I wonder if they’ll play out the choir sample or have some other way of replicating it?

I love this one, a lot, agree that it’s not as big a departure as we’d been promised but perhaps this is the bridge - maybe this is halfway between Achilles/Kansas/“Heroes” and the next step. Even if not - very happy with it. What a build! What a bloom!

I was listening to this on a walk at sundown earlier and found myself thinking “they’d never go for the precussion but otherwise this kind of feels like a leftfield Wilco song?” and only then clocked that he says “Sky Blue Sky” in it.

In my dreams mate. Currently under heavy lockdown in NSW, Oz. I’ll have to rely on reports from our UK fans…

Absolutely not a diss. Dave’s wife Cort is from North Carolina.

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Nice! Then they definitely have to come play here!