Upcoming Lafayette gig (and others)

10 days until GOY headlines that gig at Lafayette and I have some questions. :slight_smile:

  1. Anyone here going?
  2. How many songs do you think they’ll play?
  3. Will they play any NEW & UNHEARD songs, or just Angel of 8th and Unison?
  4. What songs from the previous albums do you still want to hear?

Heya - yeah I’ll be at Lafayette and the Nottingham show, extremely excited for them although I think GOY in a tiny (for them) room as my first live music experience since before the pandemic is going to be VERY emotional.

I feel like we’re probably going to be looking at regular headline length sets, somewhere between 10 and 14 (hoping for 14-16, of course)

God I hope we hear new-new songs - I think my ideal set would be 9-10 older songs, Angel, Unison and then 2 songs from the next album.

It would be great to hear some stuff that hasn’t had many live airings - in terms of my personal favourites, they’ve never played Benevolence Riots in the UK and that would make me very happy, maybe The Overpass right at the end? But I’ll also be very happy to hear any and all of the GFIL hits. Honestly, I think the single moment I’m most excited for is hearing the climax of Unison live.


Be safe and have a great time. I look forward to your review once your brain relaxes!